Graduation Recount (My Last Blog Post)

I listen for the music, as semi silence falls upon the line of graduates in fancy dresses, suits, tuxedoes, and ties. Jess opens the door and gives me a nod and smile signalling for me to walk in. I step into the hall and see like 120 people standing and applauding us. I take my seat and breathe.

“Paris,” I whisper. “Please go this way.” begging desperately.
She nods and I relax. Bill, 6 from me went the really long way and if everyone else did I would have to walk past 16 chair then all the way up to the stage. I wait nervously for Jessie to fall in her heels. It was bound to happen. I couldn’t watch as she began to run to get her scroll.

I run my finger over my eye lid then I rub the light gold powder on my palm.
“Sozoe” Rebecca calls.
What! I was certain Isabel would get the ‘Visual Arts Award’.

Christian puts his hands in front of me, I sigh gently before placing my hands in his. We’ve done our entrance and dance now we have to do the ‘ Madison Partner Dance’.
I look in audience and see Alex. Christian’s sister filming, I roll my eyes as I spin and laugh.

We give our parents’ their chocolates, have our photo in front of the cake and then I realise, I graduated, these things, dances, walks, dinners, photos and speeches mean a lot. Heaps! I’m leaving primary school and I can’t come back. Next year I’m in a new, massive school with heaps of teachers and a countless amount of students. I’m the baby of the school again.

MM PS Sheet 8 Term 4

I predict this question is going to be multiplication and I will use the strategy ‘Guess, Check and Improve’

Which deal costs less per millilitre A) $0.75 for 500ml B) $2 for 2L?

Big Question:
Which cost more per litre $0.75 for 500ml or $2 of 2L?

Mathematics Toolbox:
I used ‘Guess, Check and Improve’.

Solve: 500ml goes into 2L 4 times. I multiplied .75 by 4 and got $3. So B is cheaper because there’s a $1 difference.

Summary: I used guess, check and improve as a strategy and I figured out what each litre would cost and then multiplied the prices to get the exactly the same measurement of the solvent.

MM PS Sheet 7 Term 4

I predict this problem is to use division and ‘Guess, Check and Improve’

Which deal costs less per litre? A) $32 for 4L or B) $8.5 for 1L

There were no words, phrases or sentences I needed to clarify.

Big Question:
Which cost more per litre $32 for 4L or $8.50 for 1L?

Mathematics Toolbox:
I used ‘Guess, Check and Improve’.

If 1L is a factor of 4L. So I divided $32 by 4 because we want it to find out what it would cost if it was converted into 1L. And my answer was a) $8 per litre and b) $8.5 per litre. And A is less.

Ellis R Kerley Summary

This term we had a couple of week to complete a three minute speech on an assigned forensic scientist. My scientist was Ellis R Kerley. During this project I found out many different facts, understandings and yet I still wonder.

Three Facts I found out about Kerley were:
1) he looked at the age dating specimens
2) he looked at child abuse effects on bodies of kids
3) he identified the remains of repatriate soldiers

Two understandings I gained were:
1) hair analysis cannot be the  only way to solve crimes
2) I also now understand the impact Kerley made to the work of Forensic Science

One wondering I still have is:
1) I wonder what would happen if Kerley hadn’t become a forensic scientist would there be any major differences

100 #13

I listen out for different sounds I hear, wind, owl’s hooting, and Ash’s perfect, deep breaths. I then hear footstep then the noise stopped.
“Who are you?” I ask.
“It’s Ashton, honey it’s me.” Ash’s voice says but I know it’s not him; he calls me ‘Clover’ always.
“No you’re not. Who are you?!”
“It’s Ashton, your worst nightmare Macy.” He says and then I am taken.

“Listen up Macy. I have Ashton in the basement. So you’ll give us what we want and I’ll give you Ashton, with his life if you help do a great job” he smirks.

Chinese Cinderella

Five Big Questions

Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah

  1. What makes this book good?

This book is good because of the depth, different emotions and everyone can relate at least in one part. We enjoyed this because Adeline had strength to about this.

2. What makes this book better?

In some scenes the depth could have been elaborated. The storyline was perfect but the depth sometimes wasn’t enough.

3. What’s the most important the author wants you to know?

I think the most important thing is to understand not all of the world lives the ideal life and we can use our past to create a better future.

4. Why did the writer write this book?

To give hope to all children lost and those who may need it in the future.

5. What does the audience need to know to understand and enjoy the book?

That the courage Adeline had was incredible. It has such depth and that this can does and happen.

100 WC #12 repost

I didn’t read the prompt properly so this is what I was meant to do, enjoy.

Hope’s true meaning is ‘the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events’. And it can I do not know how you children in the Philippines feel, but I promise it will improve because after a hurricane there comes a rainbow. I live with the privilege of safety and hopefully after this goes so will you. The only battle I fight is with my family and my own issue and the battle I’ve won is bullies. You remain in my heart now and forever protect your family, yourself and know whatever happens next is for the better.

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 2 Question 22

I predict this problem is going to use multiplication and the strategy ‘Work Backwards’.

Fill in the missing number.
__ divided by 5 = 9

There were no words, phrases or sentences I needed to clarify.

Big Question:
What number divided by 5 equals 9?

Mathematicians Toolbox:
For this problem I used ‘Work Backwards’ and ‘Prior Knowledge’.

What I did to solve this problem was I multiplied 9 by 5 and my answer was 45.

I got my prediction correct because I used multiplication and ‘Work Backwards.’

How to Give the Perfect Speech

Goal: to successfully give the perfect speech in front of an audience.


Things you’ll need:

  • Cue cards
  • Audience
  • Information
  • Mirror


  1. To give a perfect speech you have to have something to talk about. Gather the information you’ve researched . Type up your research, and then print them out on sized cue cue-cards. Remember this is your speech don’t just copy it’s illegal, change into you own words, your own sentences and phrases. (Make sure they are only in dot points).
  2. Practice and practice your speech in front of you mirror until you know it off by heart. Well practising remember and express these points:
  • Make eye contact
  • Stand still
  • Project your voice
  • Use expression and body language to make your speech unique

It’s speech time remember you know your speech and how to do it. When you are finished talking don’t sit down straight away, just wait because if you don’t wait it will seem as if you were nervous to speak in public and also be prepared for any questions thrown at you.

You’re finished and did a great job now sit back and enjoy the other speeches.

P.S: Don’t be nervous just picture as if no one’s there.

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 1 Question 22

I predict this problem will be about  dividing and Prior Knowledge.


Fill in the missing number.
12 x _ = 36

There were no words, phrases or sentences I didn’t understand.

Big Question:
What is 36 divided by 12 equal?

Mathematicians Toolbox:
I used ‘Prior Knowledge’.

What I did to solve this problem was I divided 36 by 12 and got 3,  that was answer.

I got my prediction right because I use dividing and Prior Knowledge.